IMDB parser / IMDB API


January 21, 2019

Hi folks!

Recently I have started another pet project and now I want to tell you about it.

Few words about prerequisites. I have a torrent-library (for about 20 films rotated after being seen). It is stored on VPS and gives me a secured http access via nginx. Simple directory browser in web. And I've thought that it would be great to make a small static site to introduce every film with description and poster. I have googled for any library to be used as IMDB API for a while and have found nothing worthwhile but pyimdb. I tried it. Unfortunatelly. A lot of exceptions I could not cover because I don't know python so good.

So... I decided to start my own IMDB parser in Java and now it has reached the stage to be introduced to you.

What do you think about it, folks? Any ideas or proposals?

on January 21, 2019